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Adventure Rock

Release date: March 2008
Platform: PC
Genre: Online virtual world for children
Publisher: CBBC (UK's national broadcasting channel)
Official website: http://www.bbc.co.uk/cbbc/adventurerock

What is Adventure Rock?

Adventure Rock is an online virtual world aimed at a community of 6-12 year-olds, created by Children's BBC in association with Ketnet.

Users of Adventure Rock can scale mountain tops, delve into underground caves and even create animations and music to be featured on large screens around the island.

Children help mould the world's back-story and are encouraged to offer each other pre-moderated hints and tips on the CBBC Adventure Rock website in their quest to solve the riddle of Adventure Rock.

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"Adventure Rock" in the press
BBC: virtual worlds good for kids

"Virtual worlds can be a powerful, engaging and interactive alternative to more passive media,"
said Professor David Gauntlett.

Study Finds Virtual Worlds Offer Good Real-World Lessons for Kids and Case Study: Adventure Rock

"The researchers, David Gauntlett and Lizzie Jackson from the University of Westminster, indicated that the game could be empowering for kids, and a good bit more engaging for them than watching television."

BBC launches virtual world - Brisbane Times, 2007-10-09.