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#394729 - 12/06/09 10:46 AM General Raze
Groovychick1980 Offline

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Hey Guys,

Can anyone give me any tips on how to defeat this guy, goes in those chambers and heals him self. Having a lot of trouble.


#394730 - 12/06/09 10:58 AM Re: General Raze [Re: Groovychick1980]
Raze Offline

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#394731 - 12/06/09 11:11 AM Re: General Raze [Re: Raze]
Groovychick1980 Offline

Registered: 12/05/09
Posts: 4
I did that I cornered him but its like he sprouts wings one minute he is there the next minute he is in the regeneration chamber

#394732 - 12/06/09 11:15 AM Re: General Raze [Re: Groovychick1980]
Emperor Offline

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Where would you fight that guy anyway, i've completed the whole game but forgot this guy's place. Only thing i remember is Razakel. =S

#394758 - 12/06/09 06:18 PM Re: General Raze [Re: Emperor]
Xardas_1 Offline

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He commands flying fortress and very easy to kill if you do it right.
Get his hp to 50%, jump and pull both levers return and finish him off.
Lever deactivates his healing chambers for 10-15 seconds.

#442322 - 04/19/11 11:20 PM Re: General Raze [Re: Groovychick1980]
kingben1992 Offline

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The way that I did it was I stood in one of the regenerators and had like 8 spawned warriors to attack of and when he went to go in the regenerator the spawned warriors were in the way

#442346 - 04/20/11 06:01 AM Re: General Raze [Re: kingben1992]
Joram Offline


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Yes, I did it just the same as you - in the time I was playing the first outcoming "Ego Draconis" version, but I'm sure with the DKS it is also a nice strategy !

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