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The L.E.D.Wars

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"L.E.D. Wars is one of the best strategy games around. Lots of levels, huge areas, nice graphics and stunning music"
Game review score: 84%
Release date: March 1998
Platform: PC
Genre: Real Time Strategy Game
Publisher: Ionos
What is The L.E.D.Wars?
In the 21st century, genetic research has made dramatic advances. The scientific community has mastered GPGCA (General Purpose Genetic Coding Algorithm). A catastrophic gene-reactor accident at the Agamemnon research facility altered the course of mankind's destiny. The accident released a gene sequence altering peptide, forcing the population to take a life-sustaining supplement called L.E.D. (Life Evolution Drug). Scarce resources for cultivating and refining L.E.D. pills from the rare L.E.D. plant brought in the L.E.D.Wars.

Corporations and their private armed forces now roam the earth in search of L.E.D. Your goal is to conquer and control the entire world supply of L.E.D.
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