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He does it again !

After capturing IGN’s RPGVault “Outstanding achievement in music...

Patch 1.47 for Beyond Divinity released

Patch 1.47 for the English version of Beyond Divinity has been m...

Beyond Divinity Strategy Guide V1.1 released!

Beyond Divinity was thoroughly turned inside out by Kiya, Barnab...

What paths did you chose for your characters?

Hero: warrior DK: warrior
Hero: warrior DK: wizard
Hero: warrior DK: survivor
Hero: wizard DK: warrior
Hero: wizard DK: wizard
Hero: wizard DK: survivor
Hero: survivor DK: warrior
Hero: survivor DK: wizard
Hero: survivor DK: survivor

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Are you looking forward to Beyond Divinity?

Yes, I must have it
Yes, I am interested
I will keep an eye on it
I am not convinced yet
No, not interested

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The Rivertown Chronicle by Rincewind

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RPG Guide - Beyond Divinity by Palahn
Planet Divinity by Nemisis Dragon
Divine Divinity by Xanlosch

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LadyBug's Fanpage by LadyBug
Beyond Divinity by jaiden & Valkhar

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