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Patch 1.47 for Beyond Divinity released

Patch 1.47 for the English version of Beyond Divinity has been m...

Beyond Divinity Strategy Guide V1.1 released!

Beyond Divinity was thoroughly turned inside out by Kiya, Barnab...

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Beyond Divinity Newsletter

Welcome Divine Brethren, to the 1st edition of the Beyond Divinity Journal


Beyond Divinity is the next step in the Divinity Universe . Following the success of Divine Divinity back in September 2002, Beyond Divinity follows on the original and enhances the game both in story and in game. What you will see is the RPG game that you, the gamer, have been looking for.

Beyond Divinity has been in development thanks to the fans of Divine Divinity, whose feedback, appreciation and words of encouragement has inspired us to expand the Divinity Universe and continue the adventure

Beyond Divinity has expanded and developed a deep storyline with an interesting twist…

In Beyond Divinity, you become soul-forged with a Death Knight. Your fate is to spend the rest of eternity bonded to this creature of evil, unless you can undo this curse.

You and your unlikely companion embark on a great adventure to unlock the secret of riftrunning… your only answer to this life of darkness!

But that's not all, with an enhanced Divinity engine using the power of Direct X 9, and including features that the fans requested, Beyond Divinity will make this the best RPG experience ever.


Journal of the Divine One. Telling the story of the events leading up to Beyond Divinity.

At the end of Divine Divinity, the newly risen Divine One is seen walking away carrying a baby in his arms. The baby has been prophesied to be the Damned One, an omnipotent evil god with the potential to have power equal to that of the Divine One and will bring chaos and destruction to the world.

The Divine One is unable to kill the Damned One as a baby, so the Divine One decides to bring-up and educate the child like his own son. He never teaches the child anything that has to do with might or power, and never telling him about his origins or the abilities sleeping within him. The Damned One becomes a very ambitious, if at times rebellious student. Being very interested in almost any aspect of life, so he was often seen walking around Rivellon…


To show that we take the Divinity Community seriously, we are giving away a free Fantasy Chess Set worth £400!!!

It's really simple to enter as well. All you need to do is decode the Divinity language below to get the question and then answer the question. Send an email to the following address, with your name, address and postcode. Then just sit back and relax to see if you've won.

The closing date for the competition is 13th February 2004. Good luck!!!

Here are some new screenshots of Beyond Divinity to wet your appetite.


A brief round up of all the latest news.

Beyond Divinity Beta Testing

We're looking for people who'd like to have a shot at trying out Beyond Divinity before it hits the shelves. If you're interested and live in Belgium (or very close by), then send a short mail to . Please include your name, age and place of residence, as well as a short description of which rpg's you've played before.

For security reasons all testing is being conducted in-house (Oudenaarde, Belgium), so you should only apply if you are physically capable of reaching our office. We are located in Oudenaarde (20 kms from Gent) in Belgium.

RPGVault - Beyond Divinity Peek of the Week #22

Our QA Manager for Beyond Divinity talks about how finding and fixing bugs can sometimes lead to amusing results. Click here to read this Week's Peek at RPGVault .

RPGVault - Beyond Divinity Peek of the Week #23

In this week’s Peek for Beyond Divinity, Frederik De Caster fills us in on the process of recording the voice actors. Check it all out at RPGVault.

Worthplaying reviewed Divine Divinity

Worthplaying has posted a review of Divine Divinity, the predecessor of the soon to be released Beyond Divinity. They gave the game a respectable score of 8,3/10 and said:

“DD offers 96 skill levels, 6 classes, 150 NPCs, 100 monster types, simple controls, a competent journal, reactive AI and a well-told story. Not bad for a small development house eh? For those of you who have been on the fence about Diablo-type games for the last few years I really recommend you pick this one up. It's already selling for a song at your local store. Not only will you be supporting a company that truly understands great games, you'll also be introducing yourself to the hack and slash crowd. C'mon in - the blood soaked water's fine.”

Read the full review here

Beyond Divinity snippets from around the world! managed to corner Thomas “Bronthion” Lenzen and subjected him to a no nonsense interview. Here’s what poor Thomas had to say:
RPGDot: Tell us more about these mysterious crystals in the game Bronthion: The crystals you’ve mentioned suddenly appeared all over Rivellon, and they had mysterious effects on the areas and on the people nearby. Nobody knows where they came from. There are recent reports about some very strange things going on in the world of Rivellon. And so the people of Rivellon are looking for brave women and men to investigate... Do you hear their calls? If you are brave enough, simply take one step forward and answer to them...
Read the full interview here.

The French website JeuxVideo took a closer look at Beyond Divinity and was happy with what they saw. Here’s a snippet of the preview:
“Ce qui surprendra au premier abord les fans du premier volet, c'est la création du personnage. Elle est beaucoup plus complète qu'auparavant : ainsi, il est possible de définir combien de points vous voulez mettre dans chaque statistique (force, intelligence, dextérité, survival, constitution, vitesse). 3 configurations par défaut sont prévues pour le guerrier, le ranger et le magicien, mais libre à vous de faire un magicien-archer en mettant quelques points en dextérité par exemple.”

Belgian gaming site Spelletjesgarnaal managed to scoop a hands-on preview by sending some journalists to our in-house tests. For all you Belgian and Dutch people out there, here's what they had to say:
“Hoewel de game nog wat tweaking nodig heeft, liet Beyond Divinity ons een erg positieve indruk na. Larian heeft de beste elementen uit Divine Divinity behouden, de negatieve kantjes weggewerkt en enkele leuke vernieuwingen toegevoegd. De eerste Act smaakte alvast naar meer, véél meer. Voor de RPG liefhebbers zou 5 maart wel eens een hoogdag kunnen worden!” Head over to Spelletjesgarnaal for the full article.

Beyond Divinity Interview @

The Russian website CRPG has just put up an interview with Kris Taeleman, programmer for Beyond Divinity, in which he unveils more details on the game. Among other things, Kris mainly talks about the combat system.
Here’s a snippet:
CRPG: “Does the game give us access to any special attacks? In what manner are they used? Do the heroes have a stack to queue commands issued by the player?”
Kris: “The special skills can be accessed in two ways. First by assigning your secondary skill on the right mouse button and second by assigning your primary skill. So for example you will be able to put a fireball spell as your default attack mode. This way it’s possible to give the commands in real-time as well as in paused mode.”

Read the full interview here (in Russian).

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