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Deutsche Komplettlösung von Beyond Divinity!

Einige deutsche Forenmitglieder haben es sich zur Aufgabe gemach...

Beyond Divinity auf der Gold Games 9!

Beyond Divinity wird auf der kommenden Gold Games 9 enthalten se...

Patch V. 1.47 für deutsche Version veröffentlicht

Wir haben den Patch 1.47 für die deutsche Version von Beyond Div...

What paths did you chose for your characters?

Hero: warrior DK: warrior
Hero: warrior DK: wizard
Hero: warrior DK: survivor
Hero: wizard DK: warrior
Hero: wizard DK: wizard
Hero: wizard DK: survivor
Hero: survivor DK: warrior
Hero: survivor DK: wizard
Hero: survivor DK: survivor

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Are you looking forward to Beyond Divinity?

Yes, I must have it
Yes, I am interested
I will keep an eye on it
I am not convinced yet
No, not interested

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Beyond Divinity press releases
20th April, 2004
Beyond Divinity goes gold! - full press release

29th March, 2004
Beyond Divinity heeds its fans
RPG developer pushes back release date to integrate community feedback - full press release

25th March, 2004
Beyond Divinity German goes gold! - full press release

11th March, 2004
Beyond Divinity Gets its own Novella - full press release

27th February, 2004
Beyond Divinity demo to be released next week
- full press release

13th February, 2004
With love, from Larian - full press release

16th December, 2003
The Latest Adventure From the Divinity Universe Renamed - full press release

12th November, 2003
Ubi Soft to distribute Riftrunner in the German speaking territories - full press release

11th June, 2003
The Quest Continues
Larian Studios Announces Riftrunner, The Latest Adventure From the Divinity Universe - full press release

Beyond Divinity newsletters
19th February, 2004
Children of Raan - full article

29th January, 2004
Beyond Divinity Contest - full article

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